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Tank 7. The best mtb park in WA?

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Western Australia’s timber country, the Nannup Tank 7 Mountain Bike Park stands as a testament to the region’s commitment to outdoor adventure and the burgeoning mountain biking scene that has taken the state by storm. Since its inception in November 2021, the park has quickly established itself as a must-visit destination for both local and visiting cyclists, offering an array of trails that cater to a spectrum of skill levels — from the novice pedal pushers to the gravity-defying bike maestros.

As you wind your way through the scenic backdrop of Nannup, a quaint town revered for its tranquil beauty and welcoming community, Tank 7 emerges as a beacon for thrill-seekers. The park has been intricately woven into the tapestry of the town’s attractions, aligning with the laid-back yet adventurous spirit that Nannup exudes.

The trail system in Tank 7 is a carefully crafted network, classified to ensure that riders of all abilities can navigate their way to a trail that matches their skills and thrill threshold. For the beginners, the ‘green’ trails offer a gentle introduction to the sport. Names like ‘Cheap Thrills’ and ‘The Green Mile’ are not just catchy monikers but also indicators of the fun and accessible nature of these paths. ‘Tiger Cub’, a playful nod to its more challenging counterpart, ‘Tiger King’, provides a safe space for budding cyclists to find their footing and fall in love with the sport.

Intermediate riders have a wealth of ‘blue’ trails to choose from, each designed to elevate the riding experience by introducing moderate challenges and the opportunity to develop technical skills. Trails like ‘Elevator’ and ‘Stairway to Seven’, both upward trails, offer the perfect blend of cardiovascular challenge and technical practice. ‘Folly Farmer’ and ‘Allpine’ deliver the thrills with twists and turns through Nannup’s unique terrain, while ‘Flat Earth’ offers a more relaxed ride with just enough elevation to keep the heart rate up and the spirits high.

For the experienced rider, the ‘black’ trails of Tank 7 provide a rigorous test of skill and nerve. ‘The Local’, ‘Fade to Black’, and ‘Slippery Gypsy’ are names that resonate within the mountain biking community, synonymous with adrenaline and achievement. These trails demand respect and in return, offer a rush that is unmatched. ‘Flylacine’, a trail that perhaps pays homage to the mythical thylacine, is as enigmatic as it is exciting, with sections that might make you believe in the impossible.

The ‘double black’ trails are where legends are born. ‘Man Vs Machine’ and ‘Mannup’ are not just trails; they are challenges that stand as a rite of passage for the most skilled riders. Here, the terrain is unforgiving, the stakes are high, and the glory is all the sweeter for those who conquer them.

Nannup’s Tank 7 is more than a collection of trails; it’s a vibrant community where the camaraderie of the sport thrives. The park is not just a place to ride; it’s a destination where stories are made. Riders gather to share tales of narrow misses, epic jumps, and the simple joy of a day spent on two wheels, surrounded by nature.

Visiting Nannup is a charming experience in itself. The town, with its artisanal shops and cozy cafes, provides the perfect backdrop for the adventure that awaits in the hills. Accommodations range from the rustic charm of local bed and breakfasts to the unadulterated luxury of boutique lodges, ensuring that every traveler finds their comfort niche.

As the sun sets on the trails of Tank 7, the town of Nannup lights up with the warmth of shared stories and hearty meals. The local eateries serve up a delightful array of dishes that cater to all palates, with locally sourced ingredients that tell their own story of the region’s rich agricultural tapestry.

The journey to Tank 7 is a call to the wild-hearted. It’s an invitation to embrace the rugged beauty of Western Australia and to challenge oneself against the backdrop of Nannup’s enchanting terrain. Whether you’re loading up your own bike to hit the trails or opting for the convenience of bike hire services available in the vicinity, the adventure that awaits at Tank 7 is one that promises to captivate and exhilarate.

In less than a year since its grand opening, Tank 7 has become a pulsating hub for mountain biking enthusiasts. It stands as a vibrant addition to Nannup’s allure, capturing the essence of adventure and the pure joy of mountain biking. It’s not just the trails that call to the riders but the spirit of Nannup itself, a town that has embraced the wheels of change and adventure.

For those seeking to experience the rush of mountain biking, Tank 7 in Nannup is a destination that should sit atop your list. It’s a place where the trails are as diverse as the riders they attract, where each turn brings a new challenge, and every ride ends with a story. In the end, it’s not just about the trails you’ve ridden but the memories you’ve created along the way.

As Tank 7 continues to grow and evolve, it beckons cyclists from across WA and beyond, promising new trails, new thrills, and the same invigorating experience that has already made it a beloved spot in the mountain biking community. The trails are waiting, and Nannup is ready to welcome you — are you ready to take the ride?


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