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It’s Steep – Really Steep! : An Ultimate Guide to Nannup’s Tank 7 MTB Park

Nestled in the heart of Western Australia’s picturesque South West region, Nannup’s Tank 7 Mountain Bike Park is a must-visit destination for mountain biking enthusiasts. Renowned for its steep terrain and thrilling descents, Tank 7 offers an adrenaline-packed experience that sets it apart from other parks in WA. Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking for a challenge or a newcomer seeking excitement, Tank 7 has something for everyone. Let’s dive into what makes this park a standout and how to make the most of your visit.

It’s Steep – Really Steep!

Tank 7 is not for the faint-hearted. The park is famous for its steep terrain, which provides significant elevation changes that will test even the most experienced riders. The descents are exhilarating, offering a mix of fast, flowy sections and technical challenges that keep your heart racing. Each trail at Tank 7 is designed to maximise the natural topography, ensuring that every ride is a unique adventure. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, Tank 7 will deliver an unforgettable experience.

Bring Your Climbing Legs

To fully enjoy what Tank 7 has to offer, you need to come prepared with strong climbing legs. The climbs here can be tough, featuring long, sustained sections that require both strength and endurance. But the effort is well worth it for the breathtaking descents that follow. If you prefer a more relaxed experience, consider booking a spot on one of the local shuttle services. WA Adventure Shuttles and Loose Goose Shuttles offer convenient options to get you to the top without the grind, allowing you to save your energy for the fun part—riding down!

Take Your Time

While it might be tempting to rush through each climb and descent, it’s important to pace yourself at Tank 7. The park’s trails are not just about the thrill; they also offer stunning scenery and unique natural features. Take your time to enjoy the environment, from the lush forests to the panoramic views. By pacing yourself, you can ensure you have enough energy to tackle multiple runs and fully appreciate the beauty of the park. Slow down, take breaks, and soak in the surroundings to make the most of your visit.

Preride, Reride, Freeride

Adopting the mantra of “Preride, Reride, Freeride” can significantly enhance your experience at Tank 7. Start your day with a preride to scout the trails and familiarize yourself with their layout and features. This initial run will help you identify any tricky sections and plan your approach. Next, go for a reride to build your confidence and refine your technique. By the time you’re ready for the freeride, you’ll have a solid understanding of the trails, allowing you to fully let loose and enjoy the ride. This approach ensures safety while maximizing fun.

Stay Hydrated and Fueled

Mountain biking in steep terrain can be incredibly demanding, so staying hydrated and fueled is crucial. Make sure to bring plenty of water to keep your hydration levels up, especially during the hotter months. Packing snacks such as energy bars, fruits, and nuts will help maintain your energy throughout the day. Consider using a hydration pack, which allows you to carry both water and snacks conveniently. Regular breaks for hydration and refueling will keep you performing at your best and ensure a more enjoyable ride.

Accommodation and Amenities

Planning a trip to Tank 7 involves more than just the ride. Nannup offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. From cozy bed and breakfasts to camping sites and holiday cottages, there’s something for everyone. Staying locally not only provides convenience but also gives you the opportunity to explore the charming town of Nannup and its surrounding attractions.

If you’re looking for shuttle services, WA Adventure Shuttles and Loose Goose Shuttles are your go-to options. These services provide reliable and convenient transportation to the top of the trails, allowing you to maximize your riding time without the exhausting climbs. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak seasons.

Tips for a Successful Visit

  1. Prepare Your Bike: Ensure your bike is in top condition before hitting the trails. Check your brakes, suspension, and tires to handle the steep descents and rough terrain.
  2. Dress Appropriately: Wear suitable mountain biking gear, including a helmet, gloves, and protective pads. Layer your clothing to adapt to changing weather conditions.
  3. Know Your Limits: Tank 7’s trails can be challenging. Ride within your abilities and don’t be afraid to walk sections if necessary.
  4. Buddy Up: Riding with a friend not only enhances safety but also makes the experience more enjoyable. You can share tips, encourage each other, and capture awesome photos.
  5. Respect the Environment: Follow trail etiquette and respect the natural environment. Stay on designated trails to preserve the area’s beauty for future riders.

Embrace the Adventure

Nannup’s Tank 7 Mountain Bike Park is a paradise for mountain biking enthusiasts. Its steep terrain and thrilling descents offer a unique challenge that attracts riders from all over. By bringing your climbing legs, taking your time, staying hydrated, and following the preride, reride, freeride approach, you can make the most of your visit. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a scenic ride through beautiful landscapes, Tank 7 delivers an experience like no other. Plan your trip, gear up, and get ready to embrace the adventure that awaits at Nannup’s Tank 7. Enjoy your ride!


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