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Family-Friendly Cycling Adventures in Nannup

Nannup, nestled in the lush landscapes of Western Australia, is not only a haven for hardcore mountain bikers but also a fantastic destination for family-friendly cycling adventures. Whether you’re looking to introduce your kids to the joys of mountain biking or seeking a fun-filled day out with the family, Nannup offers a variety of trails and attractions that cater to all ages and skill levels. Here’s a comprehensive guide to making the most of your family cycling adventure in Nannup.

Best Trails for Families and Kids

1. Tiger King

Tiger King is an excellent trail for families and young riders. It’s a green trail, meaning it is designed to be accessible for beginners. The descent is fun and engaging without any intimidating features. The gentle twists and turns keep the ride exciting and will have everyone wanting to ride it again.

2. Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills is another family-friendly favorite. This green trail offers a smooth descent that’s perfect for kids and less experienced riders. Like Tiger King, it lacks any difficult features, making it a stress-free ride for parents and a fun adventure for kids. The playful twists and turns add just the right amount of excitement.

3. Green Mile

The Green Mile trail is a must-ride for families visiting Nannup. It’s a long, gentle descent that allows riders to enjoy the beautiful surroundings without worrying about technical sections. The trail is perfect for building confidence in young riders and provides a fun, flowing experience that will leave everyone smiling.

4. Fun Guy

For families with slightly more experienced riders, Fun Guy is the trail to check out. This blue trail offers a flowy, jump-filled ride that is designed to be fun for all abilities. The jumps are optional, allowing beginners to roll over them and more advanced riders to catch some air. The trail’s design ensures that everyone, regardless of skill level, can enjoy the ride.

5. Nannup Jump Park

The newly established Nannup Jump Park is a fantastic addition to the town’s cycling offerings, especially for families. The park features both blue and black lines, but all the jumps are table tops, making it accessible for riders of all skill levels. This setup allows beginners to practice their jumping skills in a safe environment while more experienced riders can hone their technique. The jump park is designed for easy repetition, making it perfect for skill-building and confidence-boosting sessions. Kids and parents alike can enjoy the thrill of catching air and improving their riding abilities together.

Safety Tips for Riding with Children

Riding with children requires a bit of extra preparation and attention to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Choose the Right Trails

  • Stick to green trails like Tiger King, Cheap Thrills, and Green Mile if your children are new to mountain biking. These trails are designed to be safe and fun for beginners.

2. Use the Right Gear

  • Make sure all riders, especially children, are equipped with properly fitting helmets and gloves. Knee and elbow pads can also provide extra protection.

3. Teach Basic Skills

  • Before hitting the trails, teach your children basic biking skills such as braking, shifting gears, and maintaining balance. Practice these skills on flat ground before heading out.

4. Stay Together

  • Keep your group together and make frequent stops to check on everyone. It’s important to keep an eye on the kids to ensure they are comfortable and enjoying the ride.

5. Reward System

  • Consider bringing small rewards for your kids to keep them motivated. Snacks, stickers, or a special treat can work wonders in keeping spirits high, especially during tough climbs.

6. Use a Tow Rope

  • A tow rope can be a great tool to help younger riders tackle climbs. It allows you to assist them without making them feel like they’re struggling.

7. Stay Hydrated and Fueled

  • Pack plenty of water and snacks. Riding can be exhausting, especially for kids, so regular breaks for hydration and fueling up are essential.

8. Check the Weather

  • Ensure the weather conditions are suitable for a ride. Avoid riding in extreme heat or rain, which can make trails slippery and dangerous.

9. Respect the Trails

  • Teach your children to respect the trails and the environment. Stick to designated paths to preserve the natural beauty and avoid damaging the surroundings.

Fun for the Whole Family

Nannup is an ideal destination for family-friendly cycling adventures. With its variety of accessible trails, safety measures, and nearby attractions, it offers something for everyone. From the excitement of Tiger King and Cheap Thrills to the scenic beauty of the Green Mile, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. Remember to prioritize safety, stay hydrated, and take your time to enjoy the ride. After a day on the trails, explore the many family-friendly attractions Nannup has to offer. Pack your bikes, gather your family, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in this picturesque corner of Western Australia.

Nannup Ngoolark Jump park


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